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Cigar Coop (www.cigar-coop.com)

The 365 day a year periodical dedicating to cigar news, in-depth reviews and feature stories.

Stogie Geeks Podcast (www.stogiegeeks.com)

The industry’s leading podcast dedicated to the cigar industry. Each week we have a featured guest from the cigar industry, a cigar lifestyle segment, and a recap of what we have been smoking.

Stogie Geeks Shorts (www.stogieshorts.tv)

A ten minute podcast dedicated to a single topic – such as a cigar, brand, accessory, or concept

Stogie Geeks News (www.stogienews.tv)

The industry’s only dedicated podcast to cigar news. Each week we go through the essential headlines of the cigar industry. Our news is always validated and of course #rumorfree, #teaserfree, and #tabloidfree.