Top 20 Cigars for 2009

This list was published on social media prior to the launch of Cigar Coop in 2010.

  • 1.Liga Privada T52 (Drew Estate)
  • 2.CAO La Traviata (CAO)
  • 3.Esteban Carrera’s Habano Maduro
  • 4.King Havano Black Knight (Oliveros)
  • 5.El Baton (JC Newman)
  • 6.Cain Maduro (Oliva)
  • 7.Roxor Maduro (Perseo)
  • 8.Liga Privada No. 9 (Drew Estates)
  • 9.Siglo Limited Reserve Maduro
  • 10.Esteban Carrera’s 10 Anos
  • 11.Pinar Del Rio Oscuro (original blend)
  • 12.My Father (Core line)
  • 13.Casa Magna Oscuro
  • 14.Partagas Benji
  • 15.Canimao Robusto Extra
  • 16.Siglo Limited Reserve
  • 17.Xikar HC Series Habano Colorado
  • 18.Rocky Patel Summer Collection – 2009
  • 19.Nestor Miranda Special Selection Grande Rosado
  • 20.Uppercut by Punch

How did I do this list? I selected 20 sticks I really liked. In some cases I got specific on the size. I then decided each day: 1) Which Cigar I would give away because I didn’t want it?; 2) Which Cigar would I want to buy each day? #1 determined what cigar was eliminated and #2 determined what cigar I would keep. #2 played a more important role as I got into the Final Five which was very close.

Several high quality cigars did not make the cut in time for me to try when I started this list.