Prime Time Show Schedule

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Episode 31 (11/21/17): Oliver Nivaud, United Cigars *Tuesday Show*
Episode 32 (11/30/17): Carson Serino, Serino Cigar Company
Episode 33 (12/5/17): The 2017 Cigar Aficionado Top 25 Pre-Game Analysis *Tuesday Show*
Episode 34 (12/14/17): Ram Rodriguez, El Artista
Episode 35 (12/21/17): TBD
Episode 36 (12/28/17): Danny Vazquez, RoMa Craft Tobac

Prime Time Special Edition Schedule

Broadcasting Live on Select Tuesdays 9:15pm Eastern, 8:15pm Central, 7:15pm Mountain and 6:15pm Pacific

For Previous Shows, check out our Episode Archives

Special Edition #17 (12/19/17 9:15PM Eastern) TBD

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