Prime Time Show Schedule

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Episode 22 (9/21/17): Ryan Fralling, Island Lifestyle Importers
Episode 23 (9/28/17): Jack Toraño, General Cigar Company
Episode 24 (10/5/17): Enrique Seijas, Matilde Cigars
Episode 25 (10/12/17): Chris Topper, Topper Cigars
Episode 26 (10/19/17): Juan Martinez, Joya de Nicaragua
Episode 27 (10/26/17): Fabien Ziegler, Drew Estate
Episode 28 (11/2/17): Live from La Zona Palooza!
Episode 29 (11/9/17): Jeff Borysiewicz, FSG /Corona Cigar Company
Episode 30 (11/16/17): Ram Rodriguez, El Artista

Prime Time Special Edition Schedule

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Special Edition 13 (9/26/17, 9:15 Eastern Time): Debonaire Ideal with Phil Zanghi

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