The Cigar Coop Coalition is full functioning media entity with eight brands dedicated to cigars!

Our Brands

Cigar Coop – The Magazine (

Established in 2010, Cigar Coop – The Magazine is the heart and soul of Cigar Coop. It is a 365 day periodical dedicated to cigar news, in-depth reviews and feature stories. Our approach is more traditional, employing more of a journalistic approach to covering the cigar industry.



Prime Time Show (

Every Thursday 10pm Eastern / 9pm Central /8pm Mountain/ 7pm Pacific

The podcast centered around the Cigar Industry. Each week we will feature industry leaders and talk about both the craft and business of handmade premium cigars. Now the home of the “Live True”, each we talk about a topic that often comes up in conversations between cigar enthusiasts. Finally in our Deliberation Segment, we debate a topic in regards to current events or trends in the cigar business.

Hosted by Will Cooper and Aaron Loomis

Prime Time Special Edition (

Select Tuesdays 9:15pm Eastern / 8:15pm Central /7:15pm Mountain/ 6:15pm Pacific

Cigar Coop Special Edition introduces a series of podcasts that will allow for us to have another avenue outside the framework of the Cigar Coop Prime Time Show. This show serves as a news-magazine show for the cigar industry. It combines in-depth topics as well as in-depth features and additional interviews conducted outside the Prime Time Show..

Hosted by Will Cooper and Bear Duplisea

Prime Time Jukebox (

Select Mondays 8pm Eastern (Times to be Announced)


Founded by Dave Burck in 2014, Cigar Jukebox is a podcast designed at pairing music with cigars. Over the years, the show has grown to be a favorite of cigar and music aficionados and cigar industry people alike. Now Dave brings Cigar Jukebox over to the Prime Time Family of Podcasts under the Prime Time Jukebox banner. The show includes Guest DJs (featuring cigar industry people), 45-RPM, iPod Shuffles, Dedication Shows, and both music and cigar topical segments.

Hosted by Will Cooper and Dave Burck

The Smoking Syndicate


The Smoking Syndicate is a weekly video review brand with host Ben Lee that features on video reviews. The video content will be available on various channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Odysee, Rumble, and Podbean.

Hosted by Ben Lee


The Smoking Syndicate Roundtable

Select Live Broadcasts/On-Demand

The Smoking Syndicate Roundtable is a show where members of the Cigar Coop team pick a cigar and smoke it live on the air. Once the live show is complete, a condensed version of the review is made available on demand.

Hosted by Ben Lee, Bear Duplisea, Erron Nielsen, Tripp Waldrop, and Will Cooper

El Oso Fumar Takes

Select Sundays 8pm ET

With in-depth conversations and panel discussions, Bear takes his own unique “take” and explores the human side of the cigar industry.

Hosted by Bear Duplisea

Bear Duplisea

Let’s Get Pairing (

Select Sundays 8pm ET

Co-founded by Tripp Waldrop, this is the show that is the show all things pairings involving your favorite spirit and your favorite cigars. This is now part of the Cigar Coop Coalition platform.

Hosted by Tripp Waldrop and Denis Tsvang