For details on the selection process for the Top 30 cigars on the Cigar Coop Cigar of the Year Countdown, see our criteria. The countdown begins on December 19, 2017 and concludes January 19, 2018.

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3 Gaaja Maduro Torpedo by Bombay Tobak
4 Crux Limitada Show Exclusive 2016
5 601 La Bomba Warhead III by Espinosa Cigars
6 Todos Las Dias Double Wide Belicoso by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
7 Guardian of the Farm Rambo
8 The Wise Man (El Güegüense) Maduro Robusto by Foundation Cigar Company
9 Hoyo La Amistad (Gold) Rothschild
10 Davidoff – The Master Selection 2016
11 Saga Short Tales Tomo II-Tales of the Land: Cotuí by De Los Reyes Cigars
12 Cornelius & Anthony Aerial Robusto
13 RoMa Craft Tobac Wunder|Lust Robusto (2017)
14 Mombacho Cosecha 2012
15 Davidoff Nicaragua 6 x 60
16 Padrón 1926 Serie No. 90 Maduro
17 Oliveros All Stars Small Batch No. 5 Basso by Boutique Blends Cigars
18 Archetype Sage Advice Toro by Ventura Cigar Company
19 Warped Maestro del Tiempo 5712
20 Southern Draw Rose of Sharon Toro
21 Diamond Crown Black Diamond Emerald by J.C. Newman Cigar Co.
22 Serino Royale Medio Robusto Gordo
23 Quesada Reserva Privada Barber-Pole Robusto
24 David P. Ehrlich Tremont Toro by MLB Cigar Ventures
25 Protocol Themis Toro by Cubariqueño Cigar Company
26 Black Works Studio Sindustry Toro
27 Rancho Luna Maduro Robusto by JRE Tobacco Company
28 Southern Draw Jacobs Ladder Robusto
29 E.P. Carrillo Original Rebel Rebellious 54
30 Toraño Vault E-021 Robusto

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