While this is a comprehensive list of companies exhibiting or not exhibiting, we will only include products being showcased for those exhibiting at PCA. Single store releases are not included.



Brand Exhibiting Products Showcased
7-20-4 Cigars Yes
Ace Prime  Yes
ADVentura Cigars
Aganorsa Leaf  Yes
AJ Fernandez
Alec Bradley  Yes
  • PCA Exclusive 2022 (To Be Announced at Show)
Altadis No
All Saints Fine Cigars Yes
Amendola Family Cigar Co.
American Caribbean Cigars
Antigua Estelí
Arrival Cigars (Ken Hamlin)
Artesano del Tobacco
ATL Cigar Co Yes
Arturo Fuente Yes
Ashton Yes
Asylum Cigars Yes
  • Asylum PCA Exclusive 2022
Barocoa Cigar Company
Battleground Yes
Big Sky Line Cigars Yes
Blackbird Cigars No
Black Star Line Cigar Co. Yes
Blanco Cigar Company Yes
Boutique Blends No
Bodeva Yes
Carolina Blue Cigars Yes
Casa 1910 Cigars Yes
Casa Cuevas  Yes
Casa Turrent Yes
Casdagli Yes
Cattle Baron Cigars
Cavalier Genève Yes
Chinnock Cellars
Cigar Oasis Yes
CLE Cigar Company Yes
  • CLE PCA Exclusive 2022
Codio Cigars Yes
Coles of London Yes
Colibri Yes
Crowned Heads Yes
Crux Cigars Yes
  • Crux Limitada The Show 2022
Curivari Yes
Daniel Marshall No
Dapper Cigar Company Yes
Davidoff No
DBL Cigars Yes
De Los Reyes Cigars Yes
Debonaire House Yes
Dissident Cigars
Drew Estate  No
Drunk Chicken Cigars Yes
Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust  Yes
El Artista Yes
El Septimo Yes
Elie Bleu Yes
E.P. Carrillo Yes
Emperor’s Cut
Espinosa Yes
Esteban Carreras Yes
Erez Cigars Yes
Falto Yes
F & K Cigar Co Yes
Favilli Cigars
Flor de Gonzalez (FDG)
Ferio Tego Yes
Foundation Cigar Company Yes
Founders Cigar Company Yes
Fratello Yes
Freud Cigar Company Yes
General Cigar No
German Engineered Cigars Yes
Global Premium Cigars Yes
Gran Habano Yes
Graycliff Yes
Gurkha Yes
Hammer + Sickle
Howard G Cigars Yes
Hiram & Solomon Yes
Illusione  Yes
Integra Specialty Products  Yes
Island Lifestyle Importers
Jake Wyatt Cigar Company Yes
Jas Sum Kral
JC Newman Cigar Company Yes
Jeremy Jack
JM Tobacco No
Joya de Nicaragua No
JRE Tobacco Co. Yes
  • Aladino Classic
K by Karen BergerCigars Yes
Kafie 1901 Cigars
Karl Malone Cigars
Kristoff Yes
La Aurora
La Barba
La Familia Robaina (White Hat Cigars)
La Flor Dominicana Yes
  • Soleil
La Galera/IndianHead Cigars Yes
La Mirada/Bahama Mamas Yes
La Palina Yes
  • La Palina Goldie Prominente
La Sirena
Las Cumbres Tabaco
Leaf Cigars
LH Cigars
Linga Cigars
Los Caidos
Lotus Yes
Lost & Found
Luxury Cigar Club Yes
Manny Iriate Enterprises
Martinez Hand Rolled Cigar Factory Yes
Maya Selva Cigars
Miami Cigar and Company Yes
Micallef Cigars Yes
MLB Cigar Ventures
MoyaRuiz Cigars
My Father Yes
  • Flor de Las Antillas 10th Anniversary
Oliva  Yes
Oscar Valladares Yes
Oveja Negra Brands Yes
Padilla No
Padron Yes
Patina Cigars
Patoro Yes
Paul Garmirian
PDR Cigars Yes
Perdomo  Yes
Pier 28 Cigars
Plasencia Yes
Platinum Nova Yes
Pospiech Cigars  Yes
Protocol Cigars  Yes
Pure Aroma Cigars
Quality Importers Trading Company Yes
Quesada Cigars Yes
Recluse Yes
Reinado Cigars
Rocky Patel Premium Cigars  Yes ALR Second Edition (Offering to Attendees Only)
Rojas Cigars
RoMa Craft Tobac 
Room101 Yes
Sans Pareil
Serino Cigar Company Yes
Sindicato Yes
Sinistro Yes
Smoking Jacket
Southern Draw
Stallone Cigars Yes
Stolen Throne Cigars Yes
Supreme Tobacco Yes
TABAC Trading Company Yes
Tabanero Cigar Factory  Yes
Tatuaje/L’Atelier Yes
Tarazona Cigars
Topper Yes
Toscano Cigars Yes
United Cigar Yes
Villiger Yes
Vintage Rock-A-Feller Cigar Group
Viva Habano Cigars Yes
Warfighter Tobacco Yes
Wildfire Cigar Company Yes
Your Elegant Cigar Bar Yes
Zander Greg (Nat Cicco/Epic) Yes
ZR Cigars Yes

PCA Show Exclusive Releases

The following are the companies as being reported as having Trade Show Exclusive offerings. (*) indicates not officially confirmed or announced


Company Cigar Type Media
7-20-4 Cigars (*)
Ace Prime (*)
Aganorsa Leaf (*)
Alec Bradley (*) TBA TBA PCA Announcement
CLE Cigar Company (*) CLE PCA Exclusive 2022

Asylum PCA Exclusive 2022

? PCA Announcement
Crowned Heads (*)
Crux Cigars  Crux Limitada (The Show/Short Salomone) Re-Released PCA Announcement
Don Kiki (*)
Founders (*)
Illusione (*)
Kristoff (*) 
La Palina (*) La Palina Goldie Prominente Re-Release PCA Announcement
Rocky Patel Premium Cigars Rocky Patel ALR 2nd Edition Re-Release PCA Announcement
Scrim by Hutch (*)
Tatuaje Tatuaje PCA 2022 New Line Press information provided to limited media outlets.
Your Elegant Cigar Bar (*)

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PCA Post Game Series