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Will Cooper

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Will Cooper is the Founder, CEO, and Editor in Chief for the Cigar Coop media brands.

Will is best known for founding Cigar Coop. Established in 2010, it has become the cigar industry’s leading daily online news and review site. It also is the home to the Cigar Coop Prime Time Show and Prime Time Special Edition podcasts.

Will also was a co-host of the Smooth Draws Radio Show, broadcast from the ESPN The Fan2 radio studios in Atlanta, Georgia..

Will serves as a Cigar Rights of America Ambassador for the State of North Carolina and was one of the founders of the Cigar Media Association.

Will was born in Brooklyn, NY and after some stops in Orange County, New York and New Jersey, he now calls the Charlotte, North Carolina region home. He has been married to his wife Lisa for the past 27 years, and they are blessed with four children (one daughter, three sons), and now have added a son-in-law into the mix.

Will loves cigars and always welcomes the opportunity to enjoy one – especially in the friendly confines of a cigar lounge. His goal is to smoke a cigar in each of the 50 states in the U.S.A.

Aaron Loomis

Aaron Loomis is the co-host of the Prime Time Show.

He is the co-founder and contributing member of Developing Palates. Aaron began smoking cigars in 2011 and I have been hooked ever since. He smokes types of cigars as I am always on the lookout for finding great flavors.

Aaron served on the Board of Directors for the Cigar Media Association (CMA) and was a founding member and co-owner of the cigar review site Blind Man’s Puff.

Beyond cigars, Aaron is a baseball fanatic, loves to play softball, enjoys, craft beers and spirits and enjoys time with my wife and young daughter.

Bear Duplisea

Bear Duplisea

Bear Duplisea is the co-host for Cigar Coop Prime Time Special Edition Show. He also hosts his own podcast called #ElOsoFumarTakes.

He is a local tobacconist for Michael’s Tobacco in Euless & Keller, Texas. Colleagues and patrons alike know him as “The Palate,” simply for his very descriptive, accurate and zany analysis of almost every cigar in the humidor. Alongside General Manager Tracy Spence and fellow tobacconist Joe Lipscomb, he is responsible for the weekly video series that the team puts together to discuss upcoming events, conduct interviews with people of interest, and share other news within the premium cigar industry.

In addition to being a fellow BOTL, Bear is an avid reader from Shakespeare to John Grisham to Doris Kearns Goodwin & amateur historian. He is a foodie that enjoys making meals for his family and friends, making beer with one of his best friends, sampling the finest food, wine, liquor, beer, and coffee the world has to offer. Bear claims the only thing more perfect than a cigar that is right for the moment is a baseball game on a warm, sunny afternoon. The best moment of his day is when he is greeted at home by his wife (Kris) and son’s (Jeremiah) smile.

In addition, behind the scenes we employ a Business Manager, Editorial Assistants, and contract an IT support company to handle our infrastructure.