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Code of Ethics

Since the establishment of Cigar Coop in 2010, we have operated by a strict code of ethics. Over the years, it has evolved, but has always maintained a set of core values.

Personal Conduct / Comment Policy

This website strives to treat the cigar industry with respect on an ongoing basis. From time to time, we may express a strong opinion, but it will never be a personal attack.  The same respect will be extended to social media extensions of this website – namely our Prime Time Show Chat Room, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Odysee, and various forums.

We welcome and appreciate comments on our website or social media pages – even if these are not always favorable comments toward our content. However, if we find these comments are a personal attack or could be considered harassment, these comments will be immediately removed – and in some cases comments will be removed. We also have a zero-tolerance policy toward personal attacks or harassment toward any audience member. Repeat offenders will be subject to IP address blocking and/or reporting to the social media platform.

In addition, if the editors deem comments on our website or social media pages having the potential to start a “flame war”, they will be removed.  If you are looking for a Twitter or Facebook “flame war”, we are sorry to disappoint you, but we (Cigar Coop brand and its founder) do not participate. We also will not publish comments that we feel an incite a flame war with other commenters.

Comments that have misleading or information that cannot be validated by the Cigar Coop editorial staff are subject to removal.

As for comments on the personal social media pages of Cigar Coop team members, the policy is up to the individual owners. We kindly ask you respect each member’s wishes.

Comments on our website or that are not “on topic” or turn into a personal discussion may also be subject to removal. In addition, any comments involving the sale or trading of merchandise will be removed. Political debates are not welcome.

Any comments pertaining to buying or selling of cigars will be removed. Please note we are an independent media brand and not an extension of a retail store or cigar brand. Therefore, we don’t sell cigars and any comment asking us this will be immediately removed and/or not approved.

Unless we are specifically told, any comments posted to our website or social media are subject to use on the Cigar Coop website, Cigar Coop staff members personal social media pages, and Prime Time Shows. (See our Privacy Policy) These comments are meant to be used if related to an engaging topic covered on the website or podcasts.

Other Policies

The Cigar Coop operational policies are very much an extension of our Code of Ethics.

Prime Time Guest Policy

Any guest on any Prime Time Shows will also be treated fairly and with respect. We expect in turn our guests to be respectful as well. In cases were there is foul language and/or content that can be deemed slanderous, we reserve the right to remove the content.

Press Policies

Our philosophy revolves around #rumorfree #teaserfree journalism. In other words, we do not print marketing teasers, gossip, viral media or rumors.

Our press policies are documented in detail here.

Review Policies

Our review policies are documented in detail here.

Contest Policies

Our Contest Rules are documented here.

Cigar Coop employees do not participate in contests by other media, retail, or manufacturer unless the prize is donated back to our audience, or there is a charity angle.

Advertising Policies

Our Advertising policies are listed here.

Reciprocal Links

While we appreciate the offer, the brands of Cigar Coop do not participate in reciprocal links anymore unless a member of our Media Partner Network.

Guest Posts

While we appreciate the offer, the brands of Cigar Coop do not offer a platform for guest posting.  We do employ guest hosts from time to time on Prime Time and Prime Time Special Edition, and these people are carefully selected to ensure our code of ethics is adhered to.