Copyright Policy

Unless explicitly stated, all written content, original photographs (excluding logos), and video are the property of WAC Ligero Group LLC and its associated brand, Cigar Coop You may not copy, use, post or sale them without receiving prior consent from WAC Ligero Group LLC.

Aggregation Site Policies

We pride ourselves on original content. Because we spend many hours of developing and producing original content, we do not support aggregation sites or projects.

Our Content

We categorize our cigar articles as follows:

  • News:  This is general industry news or an announcement of a cigar, line extension, or packaging change.
  • Cigar Review: This is our full detailed review.  We assign an assessment rating and numeric score.
  • Agile Cigar Review (formerly “Assessment Update”): hey are only used on blends we have previously assessed. This might be a blend we are re-scoring or providing a score for a first time. It might be a blend we are looking at in a different size.
  • Press Release: Issued by the cigar company for media consumption.  These must specifically be listed as press releases and made available widespread to the media. In most cases we now use press releases to build original stories.  In some cases we will re-print these, but only if they are sent to us electronically or given permission to re-print.
  • Podcast: Content that contains our Prime Time Show, Prime Time Special Edition, and Prime Time Jukebox Shows.
  • Announcement: Content related to things were are announcing specific to the Cigar Coop brand.
  • Editor’s Corner: These are editorials. We published at the first of every month and occasionally mid-month
  • Cigar Preview: This is typically more detailed information on an upcoming cigar release.  We usually have some amount of blend and vitola information available.  This is no longer used as we now use this as a subcategory of “News”.
  • Cigar Pre-Review:  This is a pre-release or prototype review.  We don’t assign an assessment rating or numeric score, but provide enough information to detail our thoughts and perspectives. We have pretty much discontinued these types of reviews.

No Guest Content Accepted

We also do not accept “guest authored” content. We want our content to be developed from an independent media standpoint by a dedicated team of writers and not outsiders to what we do.