All rules are in place unless otherwise specified

1)     Contest open to U.S. Residents only.  You must have a U.S. Mailing address to be eligible.

2)     You may only be a winner of a Cigar Coop branded (Cigar Coop, Prime Time, Prime Time Special Edition, Prime Cuts) contest once every 90 days unless otherwise specified.

4)     Contests may only be entered once per mailing address using the 90 day rule, unless otherwise specified

5)     Contests are not open to those considered cigar media, cigar bloggers, cigar podcasters, forum group administrator, Facebook group administrators or have had such a role in the past 12 months.  Basically if you are receiving products provided by manufacturers for the purpose of your brand or group, you are not eligible. This includes business and production staff associated with those media brands.

6)     Contests are not open to family members (or staff members) or employees or of Indian Trail Media LLC or any associated Cigar Coop media partner. Former staff members over the past twelve months are not eligible.

7 )    Contests are not open to employees who work for a cigar brand owner or cigar manufacturer. This includes “unpaid ambassadors”, influencers, and “social media coordinators”.  Retail store owners are not eligible. Contests are also not open to those who have held such a role over the past 12 months.

8)    Contests are not open to any owners or employees of the brands representing the prize(s) being offered.

9)    When applicable, all winners of a contest are required to certify they are within legal age to smoke tobacco products in their home state.

10)    For prizes involving a garment such as clothing, we will try to accommodate your size (shirt, hat, etc), but make no guarantees we will be able to have an exact match.

11)     Prizes can take up to 30 days to ship if being shipped from Cigar Coop, otherwise it is on the sender’s timetable.

12)     Cigar Coop is not responsible for damage to prizes during shipping.

13)     Cigar Coop reserves the right to substitute a prize as needed.

14)    There is no monetary value for prizes.

15)    Cigar Coop is not responsible for prizes being sent directly from a manufacturer.

16)    For contests we are promoting for a partner and they are deciding the winner, the contest defaults to the terms and conditions of the partner.

17)    For contests using an email address for verification, the email used in entering the contest will be the only one used in fulfilling the prize for a winner. No substitute emails will be accepted.

18)    Please note our Privacy Policy when entering a contest.

19)    Prizes may not be swapped. For example if you win the 1st Place prize and would rather have the 2nd Place prize, we are not able to swap this.  You may choose to decline your prize.

20)    An expectation is if you are entering a Cigar Coop contest, you will promptly respond if we declare you a winner in the timeframe specified. Unclaimed prizes may result in bans for eligibility for future Cigar Coop contests. Cigar Coop assumes no responsibility for emails not reaching us in a timely manner.

21)    Company sponsoring contest may choose to override any or all of these rules with their own specific rules. This will only be done for contests not administered by Cigar Coop.

22).   Contest Rules at any time can be changed by Cigar Coop