Become a Sponsor

Our sponsorship program has a variety of packages to help meet your needs. These cover both our online web-site and/or podcasts.

Our program is perhaps the most unique in the cigar media as we leverage the mediums of written word, video, audio, and social media on both traditional and mobile devices.  We have an effective solution to market your products, services, and associated events and build brand awareness.

We do not offer programs utilizing affiliate link, commission-based or “pay per click” programs. We typically do not barter our services for cigars, discount codes, contest swag, or promotional items. In general, if you are looking these types of sponsorships, we are probably not a fit for you.

All ads placed on Cigar Coop are by Cigar Coop approved sponsors. We do not participate in programs such as Google Ad-Sense.

While we do have strategic partnership KMA Talk Radio, our advertising packages does not cover that brand and you must contact them directly for sponsorship.

We also do not accept “guest authored” content. This is true for sponsors and non-sponsors. We want our content to be developed from an independent media standpoint. Our opinion is that most guest content is advertising – and we do not want to mix advertising with content development.

For more information, please email for a walk-thru of our media kit.