To start off direct – the Perdomo Reserve Limited Golf Edition is one of those limited run cigars that if you have an opportunity to get your hands on one, I’d highly advise it.   This stick was a part of of the Perdomo “La Tradicion” line (a great line of limited run sticks by Perdomo)  While I don’t see the folks at Perdomo advertise this on their web-site any more, there are still retailers and mail order places that do have this.   As I am running down my supply of the box I obtained over 18 months ago, I’m already crossing my fingers that I will be able to add some more to my humidor.  Yes, folks, it is that good a stick.  I’ll even go as far to say that this is the best stick produced by Tabacalera Perdomo.

Let’s take a closer look at the construction of this stick:

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan

There are many sizes this stick is available in.   They all have interesting names in relation to the game of golf.

Birdie   6 x 54   Belicoso  
Double Eagle   7 x 50  Double Corona  
Driver   7 x 54   Torpedo  
Eagle   6 x 50  Toro  
Fore   4 3/4 x 56   Panatela  
Hole In One   9 x 52  Giant  
Iron   5 x 50  Robusto  
Putter   4 3/4 x 44   Petit Corona  

* Note the Double Eagle also comes in a Tubo

For the purposes of this review, I smoked the “Iron” (a.k.a Robusto).   This cigar is a consistently great burn.  Basically all I need to do is toast the foot, then set it and forget it   The draw is perfect and the burn is clean right down to the nub.   While I would definitely put this cigar in the mild category, it is not without complexity.  The start of the cigar is a mix of three flavors – cedar sweetness, a touch of salt, and cinnamon.  It is actually the cinnamon notes that really stand out at the start.   As the smoke progresses, the salt fades.   There was then the emergence of cream, nuts and wood about 1/2 way down the smoke.  Overall, the cigar remains smooth throughout the whole smoke.   The flavors are always pleasant.  The finish is as smooth as the start and it also burns cool – making for a nice small nub.

I also love the packaging job on this cigar.  The green label is awesome – and the green label that makes up the inside of the box is beautiful as well.   I’d chalk this up to be the best packaging job of any Perdomo cigar.  I do believe there are also some emerald green boxes available with this stick.

I’ve heard this to be the perfect cigar on the golf course.  Personally, I think this is a perfect starter cigar to the day – and I’d much prefer to be relaxed with a cup of coffee with this stick.   As I mentioned – this is the best stick by Perdomo I’ve had.   I truly hope Nick (Perdomo) thinks about bringing this stick back.

Assessment: Memorable