Manufacturers may be helping Brick and Mortars in the long run

This one comes courtesy of the Raleigh Cigar Examiner.  My buddy Jason sent me this.

We all know those cigar auction sites have provided some incredible deals for cigar enthusiasts.  While it might provide good deals, it does have an impact on the all important brick and mortar shops – what I consider to be the backbone of the cigar industry.

Raleigh Cigar Examiner is reporting some buzz on the cigar forums that are saying  both Rocky Patel Cigars and General Cigars are pulling their cigars off of various cigar auction sites.  There hasn’t been confirmation yet, but this is one cigar enthusiasts will be keeping an eye on.    While it might be bad news for cigar enthusiasts, this will help the industry as a whole as we need the brick and mortar shops to keep the lights on.

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By the way, Derek does a great job at Raleigh Cigar Examiner – I encourage you all to check out his site.