Nat Sherman, defining
tobacco connoisseurship through a family tradition of innovation and
expertly-curated tobacco products and accessories, is pleased to
announce that Cigar Aficionado has selected the Nat Sherman Timeless Collection No. 2 as one of the 25 Best Cigars of the Year
Cigar Aficionado has proclaimed the cigar as “the best Nat Sherman
cigar ever tasted,” ranking the cigar as No. 10 in its coveted annual
Aficionado’s rigorous decision-making process begins by looking at more
than 700 cigars tested throughout the year in both Cigar Aficionado and
Cigar Insider
The top-scoring smokes go through a further blind-tasting where Cigar
Aficionado’s tasting coordinator purchases cigars from known retailers,
removes the bands and orchestrates an entirely new tasting.  After
multiple rounds, the publication arrives at its coveted list of 25.  Per
Cigar Aficionado, “deciding which cigar is the definitive best of the
year isn’t always an easy task, especially in lieu of all the great
cigars in the market.”  Nat Sherman is thrilled to be ranked within the
top ten cigars honorees for 2012.
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Nat Sherman Timeless No. 2 Timeless Collection
Nat Sherman Timeless Collection (Dominican Republic – Matasa) is a
full-bodied, medium-strength blend of tobaccos from three countries. 
The Dominican and Nicaraguan Fillers offer rich notes of espresso and
roasted nuts, while the Hondurian wrapper is characterized by an
earthiness that is rounded by subtle sweet notes on the finish.
About Nat Sherman:

Nat Sherman defines tobacco connoisseurship through a family tradition of innovation and expertly-curated products. Since 1930, Nat Sherman’s timeless appeal, while quintessentially New York, is embraced and enjoyed worldwide

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