Florida) June 1, 2013—
Flor U.S.A.

is excited to announce their “Going
in all US warehouses and offices. Going

is a project that promotes the idea that every person and every
company around the world has a responsibility to incorporate
environmental friendly habits into their daily routines,” says
Chris Edge, President of Dona
Flor USA. “Going Green

represents many different avenues of environmental controls, from
energy consumption to recycling, it all has an impact and every
little bit helps.
currently traveling around the country visiting neighborhood
humidors, I was shown a box of cigars that had faded and yellowed due
to the UV emissions of fluorescent lighting in the humidor. When I
saw the impact not only on the tobacco itself, but also the
cellophane wrapper had yellowed and the beautiful band colors faded,
it really hit home, or should I say the light came on. Not only was
the quality of the tobacco being effected but the packaging,
marketing and sales potential for the retailer was affected. We began
a thorough investigation into solutions available in the US market.
What we found was a breakthrough type of LED tube lamp from Titan

which could replace the old fluorescent tubes.”
lighting is not only safer for everyone and, it emits no harmful UV
rays, emits far less heat than fluorescent or incandescent lighting
and the energy consumption is upwards of 80 to 90 percent lower than
traditional lighting. These qualities make the LED lamps a far better
choice for use in wherever premium cigars are being stored. With a
life span in excess of 50,000 hours and a warranty to back it up, it
became a no-brainer. We have installed LED lighting in all our
facilities including our tradeshow booth, allowing us to display more
light with less heat while using less energy – the LED lighting has
been a perfect fit for our Going


is a US manufacturer of quality LED lighting located in Moorpark,
California that has been chosen as the official vendor for Dona Flor
USA. With so many poor quality knockoffs being sold in the market
from manufacturers overseas, it was important to us to buy
American made products

to insure that we had the best pricing, warranty and customer
service available. Titan

fit in all areas.
Flor U.S.A.
to the U.S. market the 100% Brazilian cigars known for the distinct
flavors of the Mata Fina and Mata Norte tobaccos. A 100% Brazilian
puro—grown, manufactured and shipped directly from the factory in
Bahia, Brazil to the US—is one of only true puros on the market
today. Grown and manufactured by legends Felix Menendez and Arturo
Torano, it is one
of the most unique and flavorful premium cigars in the world.
Amerino, celebrating its 36th year, is ready to share with the U.S.
its passion for Brazil through their award-winning Dona Flor cigars.
With 5 unique blends 10 different sizes of 100% Brazilian tobacco, we
welcome you to FIND
show in Las Vegas will be the platform for the unveiling of 2013 Dona
Flor campaign “Meet
the Brazilians
Flor cigars have received consistent ratings of 93, 92 and 90 year
after year, and are being well received by discriminating retailers
all over the country. Also look for the appearance of the Alonso
Menendez line from Menendez Amerino this year at the IPCPR.
Source: This press release was sent by Dona Flor Cigars. Cigar Coop will post press releases as a service to all cigar companies that choose to send Cigar Coop press releases.