Aging Room WildPack shown by Boutique Blends
President Rafael Nodal  (Cigar Coop IPCPR Photo)

Earlier this year, we noted a report that Boutique Blends would be launching a project under its Aging Room line called the Aging Room WildPack. The concept gives cigar enthusiasts an opportunity to select what an upcoming release will be under the Aging Room Cigars line. The WildPack is sold in a ten count sampler pack consisting of five unique blends with two cigars each. Cigar enthusiasts can then go to a web-site provided by Aging Room Cigars and score a blend based on various attributes.

It was at the 2013 IPCPR Trade Show where Boutique Blends President Rafael Nodal addressed members of the cigar media and discussed the Aging Room Wild Pack.  He told us that “We have so many new blends that we don’t know what to do with it.  We said, we’re going to have our consumers that don’t have the opportunity we do to come to our factory and sit down and try the blends.  So we brought the factory, Aging Room testing room idea to the consumer at the store.”

Nodal told us that all five of the blends are from limited tobaccos, thus the blend that is selected as the Aging Room blend going forward will be a small batch, limited production run.  Each of the cigars in the WildPack are a 6 x 50 toro sized vitola known as “Vivace”.   In terms of the production of the WildPack cigars, there will be 3,000 of the ten count samplers produced.
Each of the blends use the the calendar date notation (typically the day when the blend was finalized) to identify the blends.  In this case the first letter represents the day of the week and the numbers represent the day number of the year.  The five blends are a mix of maduro and natural blends, but no blend details have been disclosed.  We do include the type of wrapper and how Boutique Blends describes the blend profile.
WP I (Blend T248) – Natural (Medium)
WP II (Blend W277) – Maduro (Medium to Full)
WP III (Blend T306) – Natural (Medium)
WP IV (Blend M338) – Maduro (Medium to Full)
WP V (Blend S19) – Maduro (Full)
Scoring the blend can be done by consumers on a web-site available from Boutique Blends. Consumers can score each of the following attributes from 1 to 5 on the blend: