Boutique Blends will be releasing its next installment in its Aging Room line.  The Aging Room Quattro T59 will become the second box-pressed Aging Room Quattro.

Information on this blend was reported December 3rd edition of the Cigar Insider.  Follow-up information was released in a press release on December 9th.

Cigar Insider originally reported Aging Room Quattro T59 was the winning blend from the Aging Room WildPack. Following that announcement, there was some confusion as to whether this was the winning blend from the WildPack competition or not – and whether the competition was closed.  It turns out the T59 was a blend that was derived from the WildPack, but the voting in the competition continues for cigar enthusiasts to select a winning blend.

In a December 9th press release the company explained that the T59 blend was a part of the WildPack and was actually was blend W-IV (M-338).  Company president Rafael Nodal explained, “The
Aging Room WildPack is part of our strategy to involve the consumers
in our blending process.  The selection of the new blend for the release of
the Quattro is only the beginning as we
continue to search for the next blend release with the help of the
consumers who continue to vote from the WildPack blend

Cary Bischoff of Boutique Blends also explained where the confusion came from:

“The new Aging Room Quattro T59 is being released based on the preliminary votes of the WildPack. This blend appears in the WildPack as WP-IV  Blend M-338, however, it is being released as Quattro T59, because it is box pressed and it takes the blend number based on the day that the box pressed blend was entered in the Boutique Blends Log.
“The good thing is that the voting continues and will help select the next release of the Aging Room Small Batch blend.
“Since the blend number changed from the WildPack to the Quattro release, I was confused and I posted the wrong information previously. For that I am sorry. But the good news is that we are getting a great new Aging Room Quattro T59 selected with the help of everybody and we can continue help to select yet another great small Batch release…”

Blend Profile

In the Cigar Insider article Nodal described the cigar as a similar to the other box-pressed Aging Room, the Aging Room Quattro F55, but using an eight year old Dominican Criollo wrapper instead of Sumatra.  The tobacco comes from growing partner Jochi Blanco’s farms and will be made at Tabacalera La Palma

Wrapper: Dominican Criollo
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican

Vitolas Available

The vitolas of the Aging Room Quattro T59 mirror what was done on the Aging Room Quattro F55. Production of the T59 will be limited to 400,000 cigars.

Concerto: 7 x 50
Vibrato: 6 x 54
Maestro (Torpedo): 6 x 52
Espressivo: 5 x 50
Stretto: 4 1/2 x 46

Update 12/9/13: Clarifying statements from Rafael Nodal and Cary Bischoff.