Illusione Cigars has unveiled a new website. However, this is not just a fresh coat of paint or simply implementing an all-new new design. The website introduces a fresh approach to how Illusione interacts with its clientele, including its brick and mortar retailers.

The front end of the website is geared to consumers. This brings a more up to date, user-friendly design where consumers can learn about Illusione products.

The back end introduces a new portal for Illusione authorized retailers to be able to make wholesale purchases. It exposes to the retailer the full portfolio of Illusine products in real time, including wholesale pricing. To implement a process to support this, Illusione brought in Brian Motola as a consultant to look at its sales model. Motola works for a 54B dollar a year company and has over 20 years experience in Salesforce management, business development and E-Commerce. Motola is also an avid cigar enthusiast.

“So much of our industry is incestuous i.e. people company-hopping around with the same old tired approach. Our approach was to bring a fresh set of eyes and ears into our business, and look beyond the ‘industry standard’,” commented Illusione Cigars founder and owner Dion Giolito in an email to Cigar Coop.

Illusione’s website can be found at