Sinistro Cigars has announced a partnership with Tiburon Boutique Cigars for brand representation in the Texas market.

Tiburon is a two-year-old independent cigar rep company based in Austin Texas focusing on Boutique Cigars and is co-owned by Carter Skinner of Austin, Texas and Chris Osgood of Houston, Texas. The company focuses on boutique cigars and currently handles brands such as Recluse Cigars, K by Karen Berger, Duran Cigars and GTO Dominican Cigars.

In a press release, James Agopian co-owner of Sinistro commented, “We are pleased to have Chris and Carter representing Sinistro! Their attention to customer service is second to none.”

In terms of adding Sinistro to its portfolio, Skinner commented: “Chris and I are excited to bring Sinistro Cigars’ offerings to Texas retailers!” “Sinistro has a cigar for everyone…with the classic Habana Vieja line, Sinistro also offers the Sinistro Mr. Black, Mr. White, Mr. Red and the Last Cowboy Cigars…literally, a cigar for everyone.”

Sinistro Cigars is based in Glendale, California brand of Dominican cigars and works with the La Aurora factory to handle its production.