West Tampa Tobacco Co. has named Stijn Elbersen its Global Sales and Marketing Director. Elbersen also is the owner of Small Batch Traders, a company based in the Netherlands that handles international distribution for West Tampa Tobacco Co. and other premium cigar manufacturers

Elbersen started his career in premium tobacco at Habaos S.A., and worked on several key initiatives in Cuba and Benelux (Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg). He then joined Swedish Match in 2008 where he helped develop the General Cigar line of products in the Benelux. After the acquisition of Swedish Match by Scandinavian Tobacco Group, Elbersen would work his way up into the role of Director of International Sales & Marketing. In 2021, Elbersen left to start Small Batch Traders.

In May of 2021 Elbersen decided to further pursue his love and passion for handmade cigars by starting his own import/distribution company in the Netherlands, Small Batch Traders. The distribution agreement would reunite Elbersen with  co-owners West Tampa Tobacco Co.Rick Rodriguez and Gus Martinez.

“As friends and former colleagues at STG/General Cigar, we have a deep respect and trust of Stijn and his capabilities. He has been instrumental to this point in building our brand outside of the US and we expect to see continued global growth in the near future”, said Gus Martinez, President and co-owner in a press release. “We are fortunate to not only have the opportunity to welcome someone who has a deep understanding of the industry but shares the same values that both Rick and I believe will be key to the success of our company”.