Claudio Sgroi, owner of CST Consulting, and Oscar Oswaldo Barreda Lazo, owner of Barreda Cigars S.A., have announced a collaborative relationship. Under the collaboration, CST Consulting will work with Barreda Cigars to improve quality controls and blends, build a new marketing and sales strategy, and work on international distribution.

“This is a beautiful collaboration with Oscar and his family to push Barrreda cigars to the highest level of blending techniques and quality controls,” said Claudio Sgroi in a press release. “They are investing a lot into the factory to grow exponentially.”

“In the last few years, we have invested significantly, achieving great development in all areas, from planting, curing houses, and pre-industry to cigar production. We are ready to show our family brands and services to third parties worldwide,” added Oscar Barreda, President of Barreda Cigars S.A. “What a better way to do it in collaboration with our friend Claudio Sgroi.”

“The Barreda cigar team is excited about this new stage of growth together with Claudio Sgroi. This year our main objective is to introduce our brands in the United States and European markets,” said Jennifer Barreda, General Manager of Barreda Cigars S.A. “We want to give access to our brands to more consumers worldwide,” Ms. Barreda added.

Both companies have already started the process. Claudio and Oscar have already worked to improve all quality controls at the factory located In Estelí-Nicaragua, improving the blend of Don Chico cigars and structuring a marketing and international distribution strategy. They set up procedures to produce private labels as well.

Barreda Cigars produces three lines: Don Chico (available in Connecticut, Habano, and Robusto), O21, and Cocktail. It is expected these brands will be available in the U.S. beginning in May followed by European distribution.