Meerapfel Cigar has announced the launch of Création de Coeur (Creation from the Heart). This is a unique blend that inaugurates the company’s practice of donating high-end products to benefit charities. The Création de Coeur is part of the company’s “UberLuxury” master blend. The first Création de Coeur was released to the Morija Association. A launch event for the product took place on March 8th at Michelin Star restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville de Crissier, Switzerland. Meerapfel Cigar Vice President Reinhard Pohorec was present along with Yann Monbaron ofTabashop Montreux for the presentation.

Everything about the Création de Coeur including development, production, and all other related costs, is financed by the Meerapfel family and the Meerapfel Cigar Company. The cigar was donated to Morija with all proceeds going to the organization.

The company says the cigar features all of the characteristics of the UberLuxury mantra Meerapfel has been delivering, “assembling the most exquisite materials and elaborating something that has never been witnessed before.”

While the blend has not been disclosed in this release of Création de Coeur, Meerapfel Cigar has said it has been tailored from the vitola called “Pyramides d’entraide” which measures 5 1/4 x 52.

“The UberLuxury is an expression of our legacy, values, and tradition. The MEERAPFEL family has always channeled this strength towards helping those who need it most”, shares Jeremiah Meerapfel, President of the Meerapfel Companies, a press release. “We are blessed with the ability to help others. It is our mission, pleasure and most important obligation to continue doing so from strength to strength!”

“By donating this UberLuxury Création de Coeur, MEERAPFEL hopes to further harness the power to do good in this world. We believe that by sharing our passion, opening our hearts and our resources, we make a real difference in the lives of others,” said Reinhard Pohorec, Vice President of Meerapfel Cigar.

Pohorec told Cigar Coop this release of Création de Coeur is the first of several charity endeavor projects planned by Meerapfel Cigar.

Image Credits: Cigar Coop