JSK Cigars has announced a new limited edition 8 x 48 line extension of its Crna Nok line known as Magija. It’s a cigar that pays homage to the world of black magic in the Balkan region of Eastern Europe.

According to JSK Cigars, the cigar draws inspiration from black magic practitioners, known as “volšebnici and vešterki” in the local folklore. The Balkans were revered for their mystical abilities, possessing ancient knowledge passed down through generations. JSK Cigars’ owner Riste Ristevski has Macedonian roots, a company located in the Balkan region.

“With Crna Nok Magija, we wanted to pay homage to the fascinating history and mysticism surrounding Macedonia and the Balkans dark craft of Magjja. This blend is an invitation to embark on a captivating journey through time and embrace the spiritual depths of the Balkan region.”

Crna Nok is a Connecticut Broadleaf line that made its debut back in 2017. The Crna Nok Magija will be packaged in individual coffin boxes and carry a retail price of $15.00. The cigar is expected to be available in August 2023. The company says Crna Nok Magija will be released yearly on undisclosed schedules and retail locations.

Photo Credit: JSK Cigars