The 2023 Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show was the third one for Howard G Cigars. For the Cigar Coop Coalition team, this has become one of the most fun booths to visit. Owner Howard Gumbs Jr. and his team are always fun to talk to – and they have great products. In addition to his own core line of cigars, Gumbs has teamed up with former NFL standout players Ike Taylor and Leon Searcy to develop their own cigar brands. The one thing that really impresses me is how the whole team comes together to support the brand. This was evident with this year’s release from Howard G – The Perfect Round. Rather than being a football-themed cigar, The Perfect Round has a golf theme – something the trio enjoys playing together.

The Perfect Round is Howard G’s foray into using Dominican tobaccos in a blend. It consists of two blends in the same box. The Front 9 is designed to be a lighter cigar when you tee off in the morning. The Back 9 is intended to be an afternoon smoke that is bolder – maybe after having a nice lunch. The Front 9 consists of a Connecticut Shade wrapper over a Dominican binder and filler. The blend comprises a Sun Grown Habano wrapper over Dominican binder and filler. Both cigars come in one size – a 7 x 52 format. Both cigar blends are included in an 18-count box – nine of the Front 9 blend and nine of the Back 9 blend. Both blends are arranged in an alternating fashion in the box. Pricing is set at $16.00 per cigar. At press time the cigars have begun to arrive at retailers.

Interview with Howard Gumbs Jr, Ike Taylor, and Leon Searcy, Howard G Cigars

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