The 2023 Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show marked the seventh trade show for JRE Tobacco Company. This year, the company came into the trade show with four new releases. In the past, many of JRE’s trade show releases focused on their core line. This year this focus shifted to limited edition offerings. There is the company’s first true one-and-done limited edition, an ongoing limited production release, and a lounge exclusive offering. In terms of a company, JRE is very much tied to the family farm, the JRE Tobacco Farm, and this year JRE had two releases highlighted by a Sumatra leaf being grown on the farm.

First up is the Aladino Sumatra. This cigar showcases a dark Sumatra wrapper grown on the JRE Tobacco Farm in Honduras. The rest of the blend contains Honduran tobacco from the JRE Tobacco Farm in Honduras. The Aladino Sumatra is being released in one size – a 6 x 52 Toro. It is being presented in 20-count boxes. Pricing is set at $16.00 per cigar. The packaging is more contemporary with input from company President Justo Eiroa’s daughters and the sales team. Eiroa described this as an ongoing limited production. While it’s being released in a Toro size, Eiroa said other sizes are coming. This cigar is expected to ship in October.

While Aladino Sumatra is an ongoing limited production, there is what JRE has called a one-and-done limited edition that is appropriately called the Aladino Limited Edition. This project started several years ago when company patriarch Julio R Eiroa celebrated his 80th birthday and the company was looking to release a cigar around that. Now 85 years young, there still hasn’t been a commemorative milestone cigar, but the Aladino Limited Edition is an offshoot of that project. This cigar features a Cameroon wrapper that was grown on the JRE Tobacco farm. The remainder of the blend is Honduran tobaccos that also come from the farm. The Aladino Limited Edition will come in one size – a 6 x 52 Toro. It will come in 20-count boxes with a total production limited to 600 boxes. Pricing is set at $16.00 per cigar. This cigar has already shipped to retailers.

Aladino Classic, which was introduced last year, is getting a lancero line extension known as the Elegancia. The cigar measures 38 x 7 – consistent with the other lancero offerings in the JRE portfolio. Aladino Classic features 100% Honduran-grown Corojo and Habano tobaccos from the JRE Tobacco farm. The Aladino Classic Elegante is presented in 20-count boxes.  Pricing is set at $9.50 per cigar and it has already shipped to retailers.

Finally, JRE Tobacco showcased its Aladino Lounge Exclusive offering. This cigar is exclusive to Aladino-branded lounges. The Lounge Exclusive is a Honduran puro that also features a Sumatra wrapper grown on the JRE Tobacco Farm. The Aladino Lounge Exclusive is available in one size – a 5 x 50 Robusto. The cigars are presented in 20-count boxes.

Interview with Justo Eiroa, JRE Tobacco Co.

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