ADVentura La Llorona Corona

The ADVentura La Llorona Corona is shipping to retailers. The 44 x 6 Corona size was launched at the 2023 Premium Cigar Association Trade Show and is the second size released in the La Llorona line.

ADventura Cigars is the main brand created by ADV & McKay, the company owned by Henderson Ventura and Marcel Knobel. The brand tells the tale of two fictional characters, ADVentura and McKay, in the age of exploration. La Llorona expands on the travels of ADVentura and McKay and brings what ADVentura Cigars calls a darker side to the story. She is a vengeful ghost that roams the seas mourning her dead loved ones, whom she herself killed.

Photo Credit: ADVentura Cigars

La Llorona made its debut in 2022 in a Robusto size. Production for the La Llorona line is limited – and has been allocated to the company’s top tier retailers. Blendwise, La Llorona features an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper over a Dominican binder and a combination of Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers.

The ADVentura La Llorona features one of the most unique bands around. The cigar has a double band. The two bands align with each other and slightly overlap. When they overlap, they form a pirate wearing a pirate hat.

ADVentura La Llorona Bands

ADVentura La Llorona Bands

When the bands are separated, the remaining band on the cigar has a pirate with a pirate bandana on.

ADVentura La Llorona Bands - Separated

ADVentura La Llorona Bands – Separated

The cigars will be sold in ten-count boxes with pricing set at $16.00 per cigar.

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