Casa 1910 Mexico Distribution

Casa 1910 has announced Lieb Tobacco will handle its distribution in Mexico. Mexico is the home country where the Casa 1910 brand is based. The goal of the agreement is to increase geographic distribution and thus grow the accessibility of Casa 1910 products.

Lieb Tobacco was founded in 1991 and has handled importing and distributing premium cigars to leading tobacconists and restaurants in Mexico. Brands currently handled by Lieb Tobacco include Davidoff, Plascencia, Padrón, Joya de Nicaragua, My Father, La Aurora, Drew Estate, and Maya Selva.

In a press release announcing Casa 1910’s distribution agreement with Lieb Tobacco, Serge Bolling, co-founder of Casa 1910, commented: “We are delighted to align Casa 1910 with Lieb Tobacco, a company with a remarkable legacy in the Mexican tobacco industry. Their journey from a focused importer, to a multifaceted business, including their foray into production, is truly commendable. This history resonates with our own dedication to craftsmanship and quality. Through this partnership we will be able to scale from the current 50 to over 500 POS that Lieb services across Mexico, and focus on tourist destinations on the Pacific coast, as well as the Mayan Riviera.”

Jamie Baer, another co-founder of Casa 1910, added: “The synergy between Casa 1910 and Lieb Tobacco, both rooted in a passion for delivering exceptional tobacco experiences, is the driving force behind this collaboration. We look forward to combining our rich traditions and expertise to elevate the cigar culture in Mexico.”