#3 2023 Cigar of the Year

#3 2023 Cigar of the Year: Meerapfel Richard Double Robusto


Wrapper: Cameroon
Binder: Not Disclosed
Filler: Not Disclosed
Country of Origin: Not Disclosed
Factory: Not Disclosed
Double Robusto: 5 3/4 x 52
Price: $86.00

Sponsor: No
Samples Provided for Initial Review: No
Review: Meerapfel Richard Double Robusto (8/27/23)
Appearances on Countdown (By Year/Company): 1 (2023)

The Details

The #3 2023 Cigar of the Year is the Meerapfel Richard Double Robusto. The Meerapfel family has over 150 years of experience in various aspects of the tobacco business. Today the family is best known for being tobacco brokers and, in particular, for brokering tobacco out of Cameroon, Africa. In 2021, Jeremiah Meerapfel announced he was creating a new ultra-premium cigar brand with the Meerapfel name. In this case, it wasn’t just an ultra-premium brand, but it was one he calls UberLuxury. UberLuxury involves using the highest quality of materials with the highest level of craftsmanship. In the case of this new Meerapfel UberLuxury line, the cigars pay homage to past generations of the Meerapfel family. Specifically, the Meerapfel Richard pays homage to Jeremiah’s father, Richard Meerapfel.

Richard Meerapfel is one of the legendary figures in the history of the premium tobacco business. Richard would venture into Cameroon and the Central African Republic to cultivate and export Cameroon leaf. Meerapfel Cameroon is widely considered one of the best tobaccos in the world. Therefore, it’s appropriate that a Meerapfel Cameroon leaf is used on the Meerapfel Richard. As for the rest of the blend and production factory, the Meerapfels are not disclosing. The Double Robusto measures 5 ¾ x 56. This vitola is packaged in a ten-count chest and housed in a ceramic ornamented casket. It’s a limited production of only 613 chests per year. The Double Robusto is the most premium offering in the line coming in at a price point of $86.00. This is also the most expensive cigar to ever land on the Countdown.

Meerapfel Richard Double Robusto

#3 2023 Cigar of the Year

This is a cigar that totally lives up to its promise. Along the way, the Meerapfel Richard Double Robusto delivered notes of earth, natural tobacco, fruit, baker’s spice, wood, cedar, and pepper. This is a cigar that started off mild to medium in strength and body before both attributes progressed to the medium range in the second third. It’s got a good amount of complexity and balance, and the flavors really complement each other well. The word masterpiece is appropriate for this blend.

Of the 28 cigars we have unveiled on the Countdown thus far, Meerapfel becomes the first first-time company to land a cigar on the Countdown. It also comes up big, securing the first spot on the Top 3 podium.


Photo/Media Credits: Cigar Coop