S.T. Dupont Dragon Scales

S.T. Dupont has recently released its Dragon Scales collection.  The Dragon Scales collection is a series of Line 2 lighters and cigar cases paying homage to the Year of the Dragon. Each of the accessories has a finish that gives the appearance of the scales of a dragon.

What’s more, there are three different offerings for the lighters. The guilloche technique engraves precise and intricate geometric patterns, in this case, giving the appearance of scales throughout the body and trim.  These lighters are priced at $1,595.00 MSRP. The three finish options include:

  • Burgundy accented with yellow gold trim
  • Honey accented with yellow gold trim and
  • Blue accented with rose gold trim

Four different S.T. Dupont Dragon Scales two-cigar cases are also offered. While the cases are offered in the same three luxury finishes as those on the Line 2 lighters, it is also offered in the fourth color option of black, accented by chrome trim. The MSRP for the limited edition cigar cases is $295.00 per unit.

S.T. Dupont is one of many cigar and cigar accessory companies that are offering Year of the Dragon themed products for 2024, which is the Year of the Dragon.

Coles of London distributes S.T. Dupont in the United States.

Photos supplied by Coles of London.