United Cigars is releasing an unnamed cigar that was originally slated to be called Dragon Slayer to commemorate the Year of the Dragon. The cigars were rolled, packaged, and boxed with Dragon Slayer branding. When United became aware there could be a potential trademark issue, the company decided to take a different approach and strip the packaging.

According to Oliver Nivaud of United Cigars, it turns out the name “Dragonslayer” is trademarked. While a press release by United Cigars did not disclose the details of who owns the trademark, we can confirm the one-word trademark is owned by Gurkha Cigars. United Cigars had planned on using the name”Dragon Slayer”, but still opted to change course.

As the cigars were ready to ship from Tabacalera El Artista, United Cigars became aware of the trademark issue and decided to halt shipping the cigars. United made a decision to remove the “Dragon Slayer” packaging and banding and release it as an unbanded cigar. To do this, United Cigars removed the barcodes, cellophane, bands, and any references to Dragon Slayer.

While Two Guys Smoke Shop has listed the cigar as “The Cigar with No Name.”, a press release referred to it as an unnamed cigar.

The unnamed cigar features a Mexican San Andres wrapper, a Dominican binder, and a combination of Dominican Piloto and Nicaraguan fillers. The cigar comes in one size, a 6 x 54 Toro. It will be available in 15-count units packaged with a complimentary Humidif Ashtray. Pricing is set at $12.00 per cigar.

The following is the original text of the United Cigars press release:

United Cigars was poised to unleash a fiery masterpiece, draped in red and gold, dubbed the Dragon Slayer this week until the legal hands of justice sheathed their sword. Resting at the factory of Artista Cigars, the Dragon Slayer was set to participate in the Year of the Dragon with a blend that Saint George himself, in the 11th century, would have celebrated with.

However, in a shocking turn of events, the Dragon Slayer’s journey took an unexpected twist as it faced the fiery breath of US trademarking laws, wielded by corporate behemoths. Despite its noble intentions, the Dragon Slayer found itself stripped not only of its majestic bands of red and gold, but also of its very identity. United Cigars once again took the righteous path to keep the cigar industry’s unwritten laws at peace.

The saga unfolded in Tamboril as the Dragon Slayer, once poised to conquer palates with its bold flavors and captivating allure, found itself stripped of its quest. The given name had been locked in a tower and rights were taken away minutes before the cigars took flight for freedom. Imprisoned in a cage of trademark laws, United Cigars was forced to rearm its 6” x 54 frame by going naked.

Nameless, adrift in a sea of uncertainty, United Cigars took on the painstaking task of removing the barcodes, cellophane, bands, and all other markings of Dragon Slayer. The echoes of its lost identity reverberate through the halls, leaving behind a trail of intrigue and speculation. Fully exposing its dark Mexican San Andres wrapper, the now nameless cigar had to find a new path for its full-bodied blend of Dominican Piloto and Nicaraguan fillers embraced by a Dominican binder.

The non-named cigar, once armored with an identity, takes a bittersweet turn as it prepares to make its debut sans moniker. Amidst the turmoil, whispers abound of a phoenix-like resurgence, the non-named cigar rises from the ashes, reclaiming its rightful place among the halls of legendary cigars. Maybe a twist of fate intervened as fifteen unbanded cigars will be packed in a complimentary Humidif Ashtray. United Cigars continues to keep cigar lovers in mind as the MSRP will be $180 or $12 per cigar in an enticing gift set. Look to your local brick and mortar for this non-named United release as they have already started shipping to merchants.

Will it emerge victorious, casting aside the shackles of its past, or will it fade into obscurity, a forgotten relic of what could have been? Only time will tell as the once mighty Dragon Slayers’ journey now continues unnamed, shrouded in mystery and uncertainty, leaving behind a tale that is as captivating as it is tragic.

Photo Credit: United Cigars