2024 PCA Post Game Day Three

2024 PCA Post-Game Report: Day Three

It’s our post-game report for Day Three of the 2024 Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show. This would be the final day of the PCA Trade Show, and it would mark the end of a run in the city of Las Vegas that began in 2016 for the Trade Show. Once again, attendance and in particular foot traffic would be the big story.

With the elimination of the final half-day, Day Three would be the final half-day. The main reason for the elimination of the final day was there had been a significant drop off in foot traffic in previous years. Many retailers have said a three-and-a-half-day show is simply too long. Some retailers said it was too long to be away from their business or family. The other reason is many retailers felt they didn’t need that many days to place orders. The big question would be how eliminating the final half-day would work.

The answer is there was a drop-off. It was especially noticeable in the early hours and closing hours of the final day. The Trade Show didn’t quite have a “ghost town” feel like some of the final half days, but there was nonetheless an overall drop off. While many manufacturers we talked to were happy to see the final half day go away, I heard several comments along the lines of “Day Four has turned into Day Three.” Several manufacturers were very transparent that sales were significantly down. The photos below show the difference at the Rocky Patel Premium Cigars booth between day two and day three.

Rocky Patel Premium Cigars Day Two

Rocky Patel Premium Cigars Day Three

Based on the show as a whole, my guess is we will see PCA report an increase in badges. I’m predicting 2,400 to 2,500 were issued.

From a media standpoint, it did impact how we covered the show. Day Four turned into Day Three for us. We had a mad scramble to finish our coverage, particularly the final two hours.

One final note is on some of the after-hours issues. Many wondered whether there would be a central hub at the host hotels similar to Bar Luca at the Venetian. Resorts World served as one of the PCA’s host hotels. Before the show, the PCA promoted and encouraged making reservations at Eight and Gatsby’s. These were higher-end cigar bars that, in some cases, required a minimum charge. I heard that the Crystal Bar at Resorts World essentially became that central hub like Bar Luca. I did not personally go to Crystal Bar, but I heard a positive experience from all reports.

One final note. Over the years many media brands (and this one) have focused on wrapper, binder, and filler details.  You will see a lot less of that this year. My feeling is many companies are also getting away from it. This was something I noticed this year at the show, and it seemed to be more of a common occurrence thus year. While our goal will always be to give you informative product coverage, we also won’t get wrapped around the axle with wrapper, binder, filler thing.

The 91st edition of the Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show is in the annals of history. Nevertheless, this is just the beginning of our recap coverage. Please tune in to our post-game coverage, including product coverage, booth coverage, and analysis.