Concealed Carry 18th Amendment

Concealed Carry Cigars, the new small-batch brand under Fratello Cigars, launched its first cigar, the 18th Amendment.

Concealed Carry Cigars is a program in which Fratello Cigars visits select factories and acquires select blends. The cigars are repackaged and ultimately offered to select retailers. Most of the cigars curated are small-batch cigars, and as a result, the Concealed Carry Program is limited to 75 retailers.

The 18th Amendment is the first release under the program. It is a small batch of 1,000 cans of 12 cigars. The cigars were offered at the 2024 Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show and are in the process of shipping.

“With the 18th Amendment release, we pay homage to the defiance and resilience of a significant era in history, inviting enthusiasts to savor history with these cigars,” commented Fratello Cigars President Omar De Frias.

Fratello is not disclosing specifics about the Concealed Carry 18th Amendment release.

Photo Credit: Fratello Cigars