Tatuaje Florida Warehouse
Tatuaje Cigars has opened a new warehouse and distribution center in Doral, Florida. The company says this will supplement its current Los Angeles, California warehouse. Tatuaje says the goal is to ship to the Eastern part of the U.S. out of the new Florida warehouse. The Los Angeles warehouse will continue to serve the Western United States.

Given the Tatuaje family of products arriving from Nicaragua are all received through Miami and the Miami-made production is rolled there, it made sense that, as the company grew, it should find a way to have product shipping from there as well as from Los Angeles.

Previously, when a limited release showed up in Miami, Tatauaje held back some products in Florida and shipped them from there. After the rest of the release arrived in Los Angeles, those started shipping. This set in motion the ability to manage some of the limited runs in this manner and have the product dropping at retailers around the country within just a few days of being shipped. However, the ultimate goal was to find a location to warehouse the entire Tatuaje family of products to fulfill all orders in the best manner.

“We are really excited about this next chapter of Tatuaje. Getting the product to the retailers quicker and saving them money on shipping and handling is something we have been talking about for years. We are happy that it finally came to fruition,” commented Pete Johnson in announcing the Florida warehouse.

Tatuaje says it will take a little time to get stock of every SKU at each location, but the process has begun.

Photo Credits: Tatuaje Cigars