inpack Cigar Draft Results

Today, we announced the results of our Cigar Draft and our Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Nicaragua Prize Pack contest winners. We tied this month’s contest in with our 2024 Cigar Draft from Prime Time Special Edition 159. On this show, Bear Duplisea and Will Cooper each drafted ten cigars that made the CA Top 25 List ten years ago (2014). In addition, each drafted two “wildcard” picks of cigars not on the list that were also released that year. You can watch the show by clicking here (or scrolling down) or check out the draft board.

Thirty votes were cast. The results were:

Coop 16, Bear 14

You were eligible to win as long as you voted and were eligible for a contest prize pack per our contest rules. This month, we selected two winners! We have the drawing and cigar draft results in the embedded video below!

Thanks to Altadis U.S.A., and thanks to everyone who entered.