Quality Importers Stinky Cigar

Quality Importers has announced it has officially acquired the Stinky Cigar brand of cigar accessories. Quality Imports has a long history with Stinky Cigar, having been the exclusive wholesale distributor since 2011. The transaction closed on July 1, 2024.

Stinky Cigar introduced its signature ashtray in 2014. This ashtray features oval leaf-shaped stirrups that act as cigar rests. Stinky Cigar offers both tabletop and floor models in various colors and sizes.

Photo Credit: Cigar Coop

In a press release, Bill “Stinky” Salviano commented, “My wife and I have agreed to sell the Stinky Cigar® brand to Quality Importers Trading Company for several reasons. Over the last 13 years, Quality Importers has grown the brand and distribution far beyond our expectations. I will continue to promote the brand and contribute to the engineering and design services to further position the Stinky Cigar® portfolio for the future. We are sincerely grateful to the Quality Importers staff for their diligent efforts and commitment to producing Stinky Cigar® branded products to the high standards it has become known for.”

Michael Giordano, CEO of Quality Importers stated, “I started QI in 2000 with one model humidor which is still being sold today. Stinky started his company with one model ashtray, which is still sold today. The companies share a common history and mission of providing top-quality cigar accessories to the worldwide premium cigar trade at a reasonable price, so it was a natural evolution to go from exclusively distributing the Stinky Cigar® brand to owning it.”

Quality Importers has said the structural manufacturing defect warranty is a limited lifetime warranty and will remain in full effect.

Photo Credit: Cigar Coop