Guest and Broadcast Policies

In order to bring our audience the best possible podcast experience, we ask you adhere to these guidelines.

  1. All shows are powered from our North Carolina studios with three host studios in Texas, California, and Australia. This is our default configuration and it ensures logistically we can deliver a quality live and on-demand broadcast.
  2. Remote locations are considered. These do require a walk-thru to determine if the remote setup can meet our standards for a live broadcast. A remote broadcast will require a Statement of Work agreement on expectations by both parties prior to commitment of a remote broadcast.
  3. We ask our guests be identified up-front and we do not ad-hoc additional invitees. There is a lot of preparation that goes into the production and content of each show, and we ask that you keep to the framework.
  4. We focus on guests who have national and worldwide distribution for products, or are credentialed media.
  5. Shows revolving around a single store release will not be considered, but we don’t have a problem if it is brought up a conversation during the guest interview.
  6. We ask our guest to try to adhere to the “How to be a Guest on the Prime Time Shows” criteria below. This will also provide not only the best experience to our guests, but to our audience as well.
  7. Any guest on any Prime Time Shows will also be treated fairly and with respect. We expect in turn our guests to be respectful as well. In cases where there is foul language and/or content that can be deemed slanderous, we reserve the right to remove the content.

How to be a Guest on the Prime Time Shows

We are greatly appreciative you are taking the time to be a guest on our podcast. In order to maximize your experience on the show, please follow these guidelines:


We use Zoom for our broadcast. You will need to download a simple app and we request running a quick test. We will provide you this link before the show. We will help you through the process.

If you want to install and test Zoom in advance of the show by more than a day, please let us know.


We recommend you do the show in a quiet, well-lit spot. Doing the show from a cigar shop, cigar event, or driving your car is highly discouraged.


We recommend a desktop or laptop with a web-cam. A tablet will work, but it isn’t as good as a computer. A smartphone should be last resort. The device should be run on AC power.

Headphones or Earbuds

We highly recommend these. This will minimize echo during the show.


We use a live streaming platform called Zoom. We will send you a link to connect.


For optimum connection and reliability, we recommend using Google Chrome for the show.

Start Time

We recommend connecting 20 minutes prior to start time in case we need to troubleshoot your connection.