Folks, about a week ago, I posted some scary news about Tacoma, Washington possibly banning the use of tobacco products in apartment buildings.

Well friends, if you think this cannot happen, then you are wrong.  It has happened – in Sebastopol up in Sonoma County, California.  This is just outside of Santa Rosa. The Pleasure Police have BANNED SMOKING IN MULTI-DWELLER UNITS.

This is a total outrage.  A page right out of Orwell’s 1984.   WHAT MAKES THIS INSANE IS THAT AN EXCEPTION FOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA HAS BEEN MADE.

You have read this many times on Cigar Coop.  We MUST hold our politicians accountable for this nonsense.  This crap will spread like any virus.   We must fight back and fight hard because now it has happened somewhere.

Read this crap by clicking here.….

I am implementing a new system.  Green, Yellow, and Red Alerts.
Green – We have won a victory over the Pleasure Police
Yellow – The Pleasure Police are threatening us
Red – The Pleasure Police have struck