One of the other spring released planned by E.P. Carrillo is the launch of the E.P. Carrillo Elencos series.   This is one of five planned releases for the calendar year.

The Elencos series is actually a rebranding of E.P. Carrillo’s E.P. Carrillo Edicion Limitada 2010.   This cigar was actually ranked #8 on Cigar Aficionado’s Top 10 list for 2010.  This is now being added in as a part of the regular line of E.P. Carrillo.  It is my understanding that these cigars will be still limited to 50,000 cigars annually, but the good news is that this cigar will continue.

There are four changes in terms of the packaging and marketing of this cigar:

1) The name has been changed to E.P. Carrillo Elencos
2) These cigars will now be packaged 20 to a box as opposed to 10 in a box which is how the E.P. Carrillo Edicion Limitada 2010 was sold
3) There is a new band with an all black background.   This new banding follows the new release E.P. Carrillo New Wave Connecticut which is using an all-white background – adding some variety to the line.
4) There are now 3 vitolas available (see below)

This cigar is being targeted at the medium to full cigar enthusiast, so it is a great way for E.P. Carrillo to continue to hold its core customers that enjoyed the Limitada 2010.  

The blend will be comprised as follows:
Wrapper: Brazilian
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Nicaraguan

The three vitolas being made are:
Acto Mayor (Torpedo): 6 1/4 x 52
Don Rubino (Robusto): 5 1/4 x 50
Elites (Toro): 6 x 54 – Original Edicion Limitada 2010 size

Finally, it appears the SRP of these cigars will also be reduced to around the $10.00 – $13.00 range, so this is good news for consumers as well.   I’ll have more information on this cigar as well in the future.