(Miami, FL) June 13, 2011- The Torano Family Cigar Company is proud to announce that they will be the exclusive distributor for the newly formed Sam Leccia Cigar Co. effective June 14, 2011. This distribution agreement brings together two entities with different styles and looks, but that nonetheless share the same enthusiasm and innovation in producing the highest quality cigars.

“We are excited about working with one of the industry’s most creative minds. Sam Leccia has a unique energy and approach to the cigar industry. We look forward to the collaboration between our two companies,” said Charlie Torano, president of Torano Family Cigar Company.

“I have always had great respect and admiration for the Torano family.  Their expertise and history in growing tobacco and manufacturing great cigars is well known. Since their announcement last year whereby they took back control of the distribution of their brands, it’s clear that Torano is focused on expanding its distribution company and providing tobacconists with the service and cigars they deserve. I strongly feel that this team will play an invaluable role for the growth of Sam Leccia Cigar Co,” said Leccia.

The newly formed Sam Leccia Cigar Co. ( was formally announced via press release to the world this past May 27, 2011. Leccia’s innovative style sets him apart from most, but his dedication to crafting handmade cigars with the finest tobacco is what drives him. Sprinting out of the starting blocks, the first creation for the new company is appropriately named “Debut.” The cigars are a twist of Nicaragua, Honduras, Ecuador and Santo Domingo tobaccos blended together, to give a unique smoking experience. Leccia is proud of his company’s first brand, and excited about working with this team. Retailers, if interested in Sam Leccia Cigar Co. products should contact their Torano Family Cigar sales rep for pre-ordering.

After taking back their own distribution in August 2010, the Torano Family Cigar Company underwent several changes, to include a successful rebranding effort, new ad campaign, several key hires, the introduction of three new brands, and a partnership with Graycliff Cigar Company. This new agreement with the Sam Leccia Cigar Co.  continues the recent trend of aggressive moves by the Torano Family.
The Torano Family Cigar Company will be present at this year’s upcoming IPCPR trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada, unveiling two new brand launches that will be announced in the coming weeks
A leader in the cigar industry, Torano Family Cigar Company is a four generation company currently based in Miami, FL. It enjoys a rich heritage and history in tobacco growing and manufacturing.

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The past month has certainly been an exciting one for Torano Family Cigars.  The recent announcement of the distribution for Graycliff and the announcement of two new cigar lines has shown that Torano is on a path to steady growth.    I believe Leccia’s new line will be in good hands with Torano as they are not only committed to growth, but committed to maintaining true to their heritage roots as well as making quality products.

Disclaimer: This press release was made available via the Torano Family Cigars Facebook page.