The following represent the criteria to qualify for the Cigar Coop Hall of Fame:

There are two types of inductees at this time – Cigars and People.  All inductees are chosen by me.

For Cigars, there are three ways for a cigar to be considered for induction:
1) The #1 Cigar of the Year for the prior calendar year gains automatic induction (*)
2) All Cigars assessed “Memorable” at least one year prior to induction may be considered for induction.  There is no minimum of maximum cigars from this category that may be considered
3) One Wildcard Cigar will be considered
* For 2011, the #1 Cigars from 2009 and 2010 will be considered.  Starting in 2012, it will default strictly to the #1 cigar for 2011, etc.

For People, there are two categories.  One inductee per year in each of these categories will be named
1) Industry Leader/Ambassador – This is a person who pretty much has spent a chunk of their life in the cigar business on a near-daily basis.
2) Non-Industry Ambassador – This is a person who does not work in the cigar industry, but have established himself as a well-known cigar enthusiast and/or promoter.

2011 Inductees


*There were no “Memorable Smokes” that were elevated to “Hall of Fame” Status (Criteria #2) for 2011.