J. Grotto:
Headin’ Out With Four New Reps and a National Ad Campaign

January, Paul Joyal, Ocean State Cigars’ founder and president,
expanded his market coverage to over half the US, adding three more
manufacturers’ representative firms. They, and his first rep
(hired in 2011), now are calling on tobacco shops in 26 states and
the District of Columbia, The four rep companies are spreading the
company’s two lines of boutique premium cigars … the original J.
Grotto Series and J. Grotto Series Reserve, soon to be joined by a
third wrapper selection. All are manufactured in Honduras. 
only his second year, and in a harsh economy, Joyal has built his
retailer roster to over 100 quality shops. Though J. Grotto sells
nationwide, most sales are in the Northeast, the home turf for J.
Grotto and Mike Ferro, the line’s first rep. Joyal is generous
with his recognition of Ferraro, for his contribution in building a
substantial retailer base, to satisfy demand by discriminating
smokers. Ferraro’s company, It’s All a Dream, supports retailers
in New York State (including New York City and Long Island), New
Jersey, and New England. Joyal says, “Mike has been tireless,
working every weekend, and facilitating our face-to-face visits with
cigar lovers at retailers’ shops … he’s largely responsible for
the tobacconists who are now carrying J. Grotto boutique premium
aboard in February, John Demharter is now introducing J. Grotto to
smoke shops in Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and
Maryland. Joyal’s first trip outside of New England is planned for
April, bringing his products to retailers and smokers in Demharter’s
next chose Cary Bischoff’s Northwest Cigars, covering Washington,
Oregon and Idaho (principally Coeur d’Alene).  Bob
Alion, of Robert Alion & Associates, is also in place, calling on
retailers in Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama.
observes, “Even in this tough economy, retailers are taking on our
cigars, because they see our 90+ ratings, positive reviews, consumer
advertising and in-store sales aids in place. This shows we have a
strong product, are well-funded, and with the drive and commitment to
make our mark in fine cigars.”
demonstrates his commitment, by launching his second consumer ad
campaign, beginning in the March/April issues of SMOKE and Cigar Snob
magazines … the latter now having expanded from a Florida focus, to
the national market.
ad’s photo carries the theme … Joyal, relaxing in a leather
smoking chair, with a cigar and a glass of wine.  With a
top-rated product, coverage in over half the country … especially
the populous eastern states … and with promotional tools in place,
Joyal sees healthy present and future growth, as the J. Grotto cigars
continue to gain acceptance.

Source: The press release was sent from Dale Scott who represents Ocean State Cigars.