In a move that is not a surprise to many cigar insiders, Christian Eiroa, the president and long-time face of Camacho Cigars is launching his own company.  This information was released in a report from Cigar Aficionado.

The new company is called CLE cigars and gets its name from Eiroa’s initials (Christian Luis Eiroa).  There are two lines being targeted.   The CLE Cuarenta will use a Habano-seed wrapper, while the CLE Corojo will use a corojo wrapper.  There are no specifics on the binder and filler of these blend.  Specifics on the vitolas have not been released.

The cigars will be rolled in Honduras, at the Tabacos Ranchos Jamastran factory.  This is the same spot where Camacho Cigars have been made.  Eiroa says rolling of CLE began about a month ago and the plan is to have them on market in July to coincide with Eiroa’s 40th birthday.  The CLE web-site has a countdown ticking and it appears to be targeting a July 5, 2012 launch.

In 2008, Davidoff acquired Camacho Cigars. Eiroa stayed on for a while remaining as president of the company during the transition period. Eiroa was a guest on the October 1st, 2011 edition of Kiss My Ash Radio and was very candid about his future in the cigar industry. When host Abe Dababneh asked where Eiroa saw himself in the next five years, Eiroa replied:  “I do very much want to remain in the business; whether its with Davidoff, independently, or in some other phase or structure, but I will remain in this business. It’s what I do, it’s what I love.”