Michael Herklots Birthday Fundraiser for Killingly High School Programs Raises $75,000
A Two-Night Affair Supported by the Cigar Industry

New York, NY (May 30, 2012) – Held in New York City on May 7 and May 8, 2012, the Eighth Annual Michael Herklots Birthday Fundraiser for Killingly High School’s Learning for Life Fund raised $75,000. The two-night affair took place at The Carnegie Club and The Grand Havana Room and was supported by the leading manufacturers of premium cigars and accessories. Killingly High School Class of 1998 Alumnus and Nat Sherman Executive Director of Retail and Brand Development, Herklots raised more than a quarter million dollars for the fund over the course of eight years.

The annual events, which include live and silent auctions, raffles, a dinner and premium cigars, have not only welcomed tastemakers the likes of Chefs Emeril Lagasse and Wayne Nish, Actors Tony Darrow, Arthur Nascarella and Frank Vincent, but also drawn overwhelming support from the cigar industry.  This year’s 200 guests included Ariel Ditkowich of La Sirena Cigars, Bill Paley of La Palina, Guillermo Leon of La Aurora, Gustavo Plasencia of Plasencia Cigars, Litto Gomez of La Flor Dominicana, Luis Falto of La Garita Cigar Company, Mike Bellody of El Tiante Cigar Group, Nestor Miranda of Miami Cigar and Company, Phillip Wynn of Felipe Gregorio, Raquel, Patricia and Hostos Quesada of MATASA, and many more. 

“It’s impossible to truly express my gratitude to the numerous individuals who have invested in the successful futures of Killingly’s youth over the years”, said Herklots. “In a time during which every family in the country has been affected by economic distress, people still recognize the importance of a high quality high school education.  It is our responsibility to provide today’s youth with the tools that will make them tomorrow’s leaders.  ”

Donors to the Learning for Life Fund receive regular newsletters providing updates on the fantastic achievements of the School-to-Career program, as well as a financial breakdown on how money is being used.

School-to-Career Coordinator at Killingly High School Robert Brennan, said, “We are truly grateful for Michael Herklots and his constituents’ benevolence to the School-to-Career Program over the past five years. It has, without a doubt, sustained our exemplary career pathways.”

About Michael Herklots
Herklots is Executive Director of Retail and Brand Development for Nat Sherman, an 82 year old family business headquartered in New York City specializing in premium tobacco products and lifestyle accessories.  Herklots is a Certified Master Tobacconist by Tobacconist University, an instructor for the American Sommelier Association, and a contributing author for several national publications. Herklots regularly hosts events and seminars on premium cigars around the country and travels frequently to the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua.

About Killingly High School’s Learning for Life Fund
The Learning for Life Fund was created in 2005 to raise additional revenue that helps supplement the costs of Killingly High School’s award winning “Career Pathways Program”. The monies are used to assist in financing specific student projects and initiatives that cannot be covered by the education budget alone.


Killingly High School Contact:

Robert Brennan
Phone: (860) 779-6663

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