Wasn’t it just a five short months ago when Cigar Coop 2.0 was launched?

Over the past few weeks, we quietly launched the Cigar Coop Video Channel on You Tube.   At Cigar Coop, we have been resistant to go into the direction of online video.  However, as the web-site has continued to evolve, the use of video allows us to provide a more effective way to supplement technical cigar content that is the mission of this web-site.

Cigar-Coop.com will not incorporate all video from the Cigar Coop Video Channel on this site.  We will incorporate those essential videos that are of interest, and provide an effective medium to disseminate information.  The video channel will have additional content, some of which might be more ad-hoc in nature.

We are by no means experts in this area, and we have a lot to learn.  This will probably be an evolving process. We will collaborate with others at times to deliver this content, and allow those collaborators to also publish these videos.    This will not replace the written word which will still be the primary mechanism for Cigar-Coop.com.

On the video channel you will find our conversation done with Arielle Ditkowich of La Sirena Cigars.   We also have a playlist of some viral videos recorded on a March trip to Nicaragua, and another series will be published over the next month on a May trip.

We hope this additional mechanism will be our value to our readers, and now our viewers.

I’m only going to cover one FAQ this month, but want to expand on it a bit.

Q: How do I become a reciprocal web-site on Cigar Coop?

A: We look at reciprocal web-sites as “Trusted Web Sites”.  In other words, these are web-sites that do a good job with their content and the people behind these web-sites conduct themselves as professionals.  We have one other strict rule, the web-site must reciprocate other web-sites.  We don’t require them or ask them to reciprocate Cigar Coop, but they must reciprocate other web-sites.  We also don’t require them to request reciprocation.  From time to time we will select web-sites that meet our standards and criteria.

Overall, we feel the concept of reciprocation combined with our criteria helps promotes the goodwill of the cigar industry as a whole.