(Miami, Florida) July 16, 2012— Dona Flor U.S.A. has
been hard at work since their announcing the return of Dona Flor Cigars
to U.S market. Creating new ads which can be seen in current cigar
publications and flooding the media with reviews and news is just one
aspect of the return of Dona Flor Cigars. Chris Edge, President
of Dona Flor USA has been active behind the scenes and is proud to
announce the hiring of three new sales associates who will join the Dona
Flor U.S.A. team.

we at Dona Flor U.S.A. have received a ton of response coast to coast
from interested distributors, we want to make sure that we work with
the right team for our line of cigars, said Chris Edge. Our
mission is to partner with, promote and support the brick and mortar
stores. They are the backbone of the business and we aim to do
everything that we can to keep their business thriving. “
Covering the great state of Florida, Mark Patterson of
Naples, Fl. has been in the cigar business for close to 15 years. Mark
began in the industry working in the largest retail store in South
Carolina and soon found himself working for one of the major
manufacturers in Florida. After six years he started his own business as
an independent representative, which allowed him more flexibility to
work with boutique lines. “There are a lot of great cigars out there and
I am excited to work with Dona Flor U.S.A. as it allows me to offer a
truly unique product to my customers,” says Mark. “It’s these unique
brands that the store owners are looking to offer to their customers.”
Mark travels the entire state of Florida from Pensacola to Key West and
offers his customers unmatched service.
Dona Flor U.S.A. has found another passionate cigar enthusiast in Terrence “Terry” McLoughlin who
services the great Midwest area of Ohio, Michigan, and Western
Pennsylvania. Located in Toledo, Ohio, Terry travels this vast area
bringing along with him almost 40 years of experience and knowledge of
the cigar business. Terry has worked on the tasting panel for Smoke Magazinein
96 & 97 and the only thing Terry enjoys more than a Dona Flor Gran
Corona, is smoking it while standing in the middle of a river with a fly
rod in hand.  Terry is a perfect fit for the Dona Flor U.S.A. team.
The majestic mountains and coast line of the Pacific Northwest has produced another passionate enthusiast. Cary Bischoff of Northwest Cigars in
Des Moines, Washington, spends his time covering Washington, Oregon and
Idaho. Cary’s cigar enthusiasm began by spending his vacations working
with a brother who owns his own cigar label. After 10 years of being
around his passion, he struck out on his own and now carries several
boutique cigar brands. Cary loves the uniqueness of flavor that only
comes from a Dona Flor cigar and has positioned it as one of his top
brands. “The attention to detail means everything,” says Cary, “and this
Dona Flor Cigar is the perfect example.”

Flor U.S.A. is currently searching for other motivated distributors in
other parts of the country who possess the qualities that embody the
Dona Flor line – a passion for promoting a unique cigar experience and
embracing the good life as do Brazilians such as our namesake – the
fiery Dona Flor. Chris Edge said, “We have established some solid
independent distributors who bring not only a wealth of experience to
the team but also a passion for the business. To find a passion for the
business that matches the passion of the Dona Flor brand is indeed a
difficult task, but attainable.”

Flor U.S.A. is looking forward to a strong showing at the IPCPR in
Orlando where they unveil Dona Flor cigars which have garnered ratings
from Cigar Aficionado Magazine of 92, 89, and 88. With the
exception of the Connecticut wrapper blend Dona Flor’s cigars are 100%
“puro” with filler, binder, and wrapper all grown in Bahia which makes
the final product one of the most unique and flavorful premium cigars in
the world. You can find Chris at the IPCPR booths 401 & 403 along
with his Brazilian counterparts from Menendez Amerino.

Source: This press release was sent by Creativas Group
Public Relations, a group that handles public relations for Dona Flor
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