For those who have accused Cigar Coop of being a little too serious, hopefully this video lightens things up.  At the same time, we are proud to publish this cigar conversation on the two year anniversary of Cigar Coop.

In this video we have a conversation with Matt Booth of Room 101 Cigars.  Logistically, this was a challenging video to shoot due to camera placement.  As you can see many folks did not know we had the camera running and decided to have a few seconds of fame.   I had debated re-shooting this video because of some audio issues, but Matt absolutely turns the whole scenario into a positive as only he can do.

Matt does give us some great information.  He talks about his latest line, the Room 101 Daruma.  We also discuss a little of the evolution of the Room 101 line.  Matt is very candid about learning some lessons early on.  We also discuss some industry trends.

It is appropriate that Matt Booth be the interview published for Cigar Coop’s second anniversary.  In the very early (what I term the “pure blog)” days of Cigar Coop, I posted some articles on the 2010 IPCPR Trade Show.  In one of those early articles, I discuss a visit at IPCPR with Matt Booth.  In that visit I shared with Booth.   I was amazed at what a people-person Matt was back then – and is photographic memory..   It turns out that a few months later, Matt came to Charlotte for an event and I was completely blown away he had read the piece I wrote.  We weren’t getting a lot of hits back then, so I was amazed he had read the piece.   He was one of the first manufacturers to see us out in the landscape.  As they say – the rest is history.

Again apologies for the audio, but the content is hopefully still informative and enjoyable.