In this cigar conversation, we talk with Sean Williams of Primer Mundo Cigars.   I start out the video by saying Sean is one of the rising stars in the cigar industry, and this could not be more true.  Sean is doing some unique things with his company and we get a taste for it in the video.

Sean starts off by giving us some background of how he got hooked on cigars.  He then talks about his company Primer Mundo Cigars and what he brings to the table.   Sean has definitely embraced the boutique and small batch model.  Sean also embodies the great creativity going on in the cigar industry, and we get a taste for that in this conversation.  Sean also talks a bit about his new releases, La Hermandad and Clase Reserva.

Finally, Sean has an interesting perspective when we get into industry trends – and draws an interesting parallel to things going on outside the cigar industry.

We apologize for some of the camera shots in this video.  Sean’s a tall person and we needed a little more room for the camera here.