Assessment Updates will be posted on this web-site to: 1) Assess “pre-review” cigars that were not given a rating or score (typically pre-release cigars); 2) Provide numeric ratings to cigars previously assessed prior to the implementation of the numeric scoring system; 3) Provide a re-assessment and re-score of previously assessed/score cigars. Today, we provide a numerical score to the Casa Magna Domus Magnus.  This was a cigar we assessed back in June, 2011.

Casa Magna Domus Magnus

The Casa Magna Domus Magnus was the third blend to be a part of SAG Import’s Casa Magna line of cigars.  While it was the Casa Magna Colorado that has garnered the most attention, it is the Domus Magnus which is the cream of the crop when it comes to this line of cigars.   The Domus Magnus was released in 2011.  This cigar finished as our #19 Cigar in 2011 and it continues to get better over time.

The Casa Magna Domus Magnus is a Nicaraguan puro consisting of a Sun Grown Jalapa wrapper.  Since we last explored the Domus Magnus, it has been extended from two frontmarks to five.  Today, we will revisit the Optimus vitola – which remains our favorite vitola in the line to date.

The flavor profile to the Domus Magnus is very unique.   It consists of cocoa, cedar, floral, citrus, red red pepper, and a unique sweetness.  This author categorized this sweetness almost like “Pez Candy” and I’ve taken some grief since then.  In revisiting this cigar, the Pez sweetness remained in the profile.  There was also less citrus and more red pepper than I remember when smoking this in 2011.  The flavors are robust and full-bodied.  The strength starts out medium to full and progresses to full by the end of the smoke.

While there were some burn issues on some of the cigars smoked in 2011, the 2012 Domus Magnus burned like a champ.

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Assessment: Memorable
Score: 93

For reference purposes, we include the blend profile and vitolas available.  This includes the vitola changes since we last explored this cigar.

Blend Profile

Wrapper: Sun-grown Jalapa Wrapper (Nicaraguan)
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan

Vitolas Available

The Casa Magna Domus Magnus will be available in two sizes. 

Primus (Formerly Maximus):  6 1/2 x 55
Optimus: 5 3/4 x 52

Three additional frontmarks:

Bellatores 6 1/2 x 55 (Belicoso)
Centuriones: 4 3/4 x 50
Praetores: 7 x 56