Last month we provide some insight into Tatuaje’s 2013 plans.  As a part of the 2013 releases were some 10 year Anniversary Cigars. Company president Pete Johnson took to Facebook to explain what is being done – and clarify any confusion.

The Tatuaje Brown Label series will be the focus of the 10 Year Anniversary Cigars.

Tatuaje 10 Year Anniversary Cigars

In regards to the special cigars being dubbed the 10 Year Anniversary Cigars, Johnson said:

There seems to be some confusion about the 10 year anniversary cigars. To clear things up the actual 10 year anniversary sizes won’t be out until the trade show time and will be full production even after the year is over. There are three sizes. Two are for everyone and the third is for the TAA exclusively. They are all basically line extensions of the brown label. 

Special Ten Year Anniversary Banded Cigars

Tatuaje is coming out with special banded cigars for the original six sizes of the Brown Label series.  Johnson said on the Facebook post:

This is where it gets tricky. The original six sizes Noella, Regio, Havana Cazadores, Especiales, Taino, & Unico are being packaged with the 10 year Anni band this year only. The cigars have a covered foot and are all packed in gold foil bundles inside the box. The box is clearly marked with a 10 year stamp and corner sticker. The cigars will go back to looking normal in 2014.

I believe people are getting these mixed up with the actual 10 year Anni sizes. Think of the original six cigars in 2013 as the commemorative edition. Like Pepsi or Coke changing a can for the year.

We still have some inventory of the original six in the regular packaging but those will run out soon. So when you place an order please clarify if you want the regular or commemorative packaging. Very soon we will only have the commemorative edition available until the beginning of 2014 when we switch it back to normal.