Update 4/15/13: The following was one of the ultimate April Fool’s Pranks by the Cigar Industry.   Even a bogus press release was made on this one.  Turns out this campaign was a “smokescreen” for the launch of a new magazine.   Many were fooled, many were not.  We were one of the ones who got fooled.  Enjoy…

(Photo linked from Rocky Patel
Premium Cigars Twitter Account)

Over the past few days, information on various media source has been surfacing on a motion picture called Operation Smokescreen.  The film is described as an action-thriller featuring big names in the premium cigar industry.”  The film will premiere April 24th at IFFBoston.  There will be additional distribution that will be announced in July.  There also will be an internet sneak preview on April 15th, 2003.

A Facebook page has information about the film.  The film’s plot is described as “Central America’s tobacco crops are dying by the thousands, spelling a potential and irreversible disaster for the premium cigar industry…and it’s no accident. Someone sinister is behind it. …Operation Smokescreen is the story of eight of the world’s leading cigar manufacturers, and their race against time – and each other – to save their fields from a necrovirus that has spread through their Central American tobacco farms at a devastatingly fast pace. The virus is man-made – and the ecoterrorist who controls it, also holds the antidote. Whole cities are rioting and martial law has been declared as the entire industry teeters on the edge of collapse. The growers must now decide whether they can wrest the formula from the hands of this rogue operative, or cut a deal to save themselves from the destruction.”

The Cigar Industry stars (who play themselves) include: Jonathan Drew, Rocky Patel, and Nick Perdomo. Also appearing: Matt Booth, Christian Eiroa, Ernesto Padilla, Susana Aragon, Charlie Torano, and Kurt Van Keppel.

The movie was filmed on location in Berlin, Germany, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Miami, Florida.  The film was produced by Bang! Pictures and will be distributed by ASFilms. John Swarr is the Director and Producer.

The trailer to the film appears below:

Update (4/4/13): Included embedded Trailer video